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The Glass Garden in Janesville WI

Owner: Judy Shumway

When did you open your stained glass retail store?

My husband Dale and I opened our store in 1998.

Tell us about something funny that’s happened in your store over the years.

One time in a social media post we wanted to show the length of a custom stained glass project--so I laid next to it on the floor and called it "one Judy long"!

What makes your stained glass store unique?

We have a huge diverse selection of over 1000 types of glass in stock. Also, we are the home of the Layout Frames that achieve perfectly-shaped projects. My husband and I created this product and it now sells nationwide.

How long have you been a member of our organization?

Approximately 10 years.

What do you value most about being a member of the Retailers of Art Glass & Supplies organization?

I love the collaboration between members, and I've learned so many great new techniques in the annual conference we have.

How has your business approach evolved over the years?

We have diversified over the years so that revenue now comes from a variety of sources--classes, supplies, website sales, custom design, repairs, retail of finished products, and even a large jewelry case of dichroic wearable art.

How do you keep yourself updated with changing customer needs?

I have had to make my classes shorter and faster paced in later years. Every

one is so busy it’s hard for them to set aside enough time for classes that are longer in length.

What is your favorite class that you teach?

Beginning Stained Glass is still my favorite class to teach. It's rewarding to see people to discover a new hobby and realize what they're capable of!

What are some of your most popular classes currently?

Most of our classes sell out pretty quickly, but we get a lot of extra requests for our Blown Glass Globes class, as well as our Etched Windchimes and Mosaic Bowling Ball classes.

What is your website?


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