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Ed's Emporium in Bossier City, LA

Owner: Eric Allen

When did you open your stained glass retail store?

My parents Carol and Ed Allen opened the studio in 1981. I took over the studio in 2006. Carol and Ed continued to work in the studio until their deaths in 2016 & 2015.

Tell us about something funny that’s happened in your store over the years. Carol had a Kewpie doll that little girls would play with while their mother shopped for glass. Over the years, Kewpie would hide and scare my helpers. She is now the studio mascot and loves to get in pictures with our customers. She also has a new outfit for every holiday!

What makes your stained glass store unique?

We are an Art Glass Studio, offering retail supplies, classes, repair and custom work. We also do a walk-in fusing program and fusing parties. We do classes in: stained glass, glass fusing, and mosaics.

How long have you been a member of our organization?

I joined the organization in April of 2008.

What do you value most about being a member of the Retailers of Art Glass & Supplies organization?

I enjoy talking with others that have the same everyday problems. I joined the group after 2 years of working with my parents. I was looking for anything I could do to save their studio. The knowledge gained from this group helped tremendously!

How has your business approach evolved over the years?

More and more classes, particularly 1 day ones.

How do you keep yourself updated with changing customer needs?

We have increase the amount of glass we carry. We also offer more varieties of glass. The next closest studio is more than 3 hours away. We get lots of people that visit while on vacation driving through Shreveport / Bossier. Having more glass choices brings them back more often.

What is your favorite class that you teach?

I enjoy teaching Stained Glass; it is what started our studio.

What are some of your most popular classes currently?

Our most popular class is Jelly Fish Wind chimes. This class was taught at a past GlassFest event. We took what we learned, revamped it to make it easier to teach, and it sells out every time we offer it.

What is your website?


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