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About Us

A Non-Profit organization of Retail Stores selling Art Glass Supplies, with Membership Worldwide. Established in 1998 as a non-profit business association.

If you own a store front Art Glass Shop who sells retail art glass and supplies to the public, joining R.A.G.S. is best thing you can do for your customers and your business. 

Our Mission

To act as an agency to communicate and exchange information among retailers, as it applies to the retail segment of the stained glass industry. We accomplish this through daily communication via an Email list and quarterly, through a newsletter. This has resulted in a broadening of our resources and a strengthening of our dedication to serving the industry of stained glass.


To establish communication with manufacturers, wholesalers, and art glass distributors, to create a better understanding of all levels of supply in the industry. This is accomplished by subscribing "guests" from various manufacturers and distributors, to our mail list in order to discuss issues relevant to the industry. This has led to a better understanding of the views from all levels of the supply structure in the stained glass industry.


To promote and extend knowledge among retailers of all phases of operation including, but not limited to safety, economics, new products, processes, and teaching. Ideas on class structure, syllabus design, public interest, and advertising are all shared, resulting in the best possible service to our customers and students.


To enhance the retail position in the stained glass marketplace. In a period of increased competition at all levels of supply, this has led to a better understanding of our position in the industry, and the methods by which we can strive to improve that position.


To provide organized representation from retailers and liaison with the other organizations within the stained glass industry. This has given us a strong voice in the stained glass community which can only serve to improve the stained glass industry as a whole.

Our Board of Directors

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 11.39.51

Margie Bolton

Board President

Margie has been a member of RAGS since 2006 and owns Margie's Art Glass Studio in Minot, ND. She's served on the board for since 2009 in various roles including Treasurer and now the Board President.  

Jesse Baines.jpg

Jesse Baines

Vice President

Jesse has been in the Art Glass business for over 20 years and purchased Rainbow Artistic Glass in Nebraska from his uncle in 2013. Jesse has served on on the RAGS Board since 2016 and currently serves as the Vice President of the board. 


Shannon Johnson


Shannon owns Shannon's Stained Glassery in Superior Wisconsin. Shannon has been on the board since 2016and a member of RAGS since 2012.  

Lynn Haunstein.png

Lynn Haunstein


Lynn owns Rainbow Visions glass store in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Lynn has served as the Boards' Treasurer since 2016 and has been a member of RAGS since 2012.

Judy Shumway.png

Judy Shumway

Commissioner of Elections

Judy owns Glass Garden in Jaynesville, Wisconsin with Dale Shumway.  Judy  has served as the Boards' Commissions of Elections since 2014 and has been a member of RAGS since 2008.

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As an all-volunteer organization, R.A.G.S operates virtually via email and phone. To send an email, please fill out the form or call Margie, our current board president at (701) 837-8555

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