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If you own a storefront Art Glass Shop who sells retail art glass and supplies to the public, joining R.A.G.S. is the best thing you can do for your customers and your business. Here are just a few benefits:


Keeping in Touch with our Peers

R.A.G.S. member stores have an advantage over others - communication! Our members have access to one another and communicate via discussion forums and email on a frequent basis in a positive, non-competitive manner. R.A.G.S. Member stores have the latest news and up to date information in the world of art glass. We share our problems, solutions, and successes so that we can both give and receive advice. It doesn't matter if you’ve been in business for 20 years or 2 years; there are things you can learn to help your business prosper. Our members range from “just opened” to over 30 years in business.


Sharing Knowledge

We exchange knowledge on all phases of operation including advertising, new products, safety, and teaching classes. Ideas on class structure, syllabus design, and marketing are all shared freely in a member program we call Workshop Wonders. We share ideas and techniques on Stained Glass, Fused Glass, Mosaics, Sandblasting, and Lampworking. You simply may not have time to constantly look for fresh ideas to keep your business growing and prosperous, but membership in RAGS will provide what you need.


Retailers Helping Retailers

It’s not just our motto, it’s what we do. Your R.A.G.S. membership will quickly become your best resource for fresh ideas, new friends and great inspiration.

How do I become a Member? 

Membership in Retailers of Art Glass Supplies (R.A.G.S.): 


In order to qualify for membership, you must currently be a brick and mortar retailer of art glass supplies. 


To become a member of  R.A.G.S., complete our enrollment application and pay your annual membership fee of $125


Membership entitles you to:


  1. Access to our online discussion forum and email list so that you can enjoy exchanging ideas, asking and answering questions, and learning the latest industry trends as other members share news and information.

  2. Access to our Annual RAGSfest event - when all members are invited to come together and learn new techniques and classes they can offer, learn from speakers, meet vendors, have fun and exchange ideas.

  3. As a group, we have access to the best glass and art glass supply vendors.  

Member Testimonials 

"I want to thank everyone in the RAGS group for all of the information on reinforcement. This type of assistance alone makes it worthwhile to be a member."

Peacock Stained Glass

Rollo MO

"...hundreds of years of experience... RAGS is the pot of gold at the end of the Stained Glass rainbow."


Deposito Barrio Lujan

S.A.,San Jose, Costa Rica

No one can be a better support and encouragement than someone else with a store like yours. We learn things all the time from our fellow RAGS members that help us run our business more effectively. The summer events (RAGSfest) where we gather and learn hands on from one another have been amazing. We can't imagine life without RAGS!



Covenant Art Glass

Everett, Washington