A non-profit organization of retail stores selling art glass supplies with membership worldwide.


Who are we? 
  • We are a non-profit association of retail, brick and mortar stores who voluntarily work together to improve and enhance each others' businesses.


  • We are locally owned, independent business and we contribute to the local economy.


  • Our common ground is our mutual love of all things art glass related.


  • We provide support and ideas to each other via forums and email in a supportive and non-competitive manner.


  • Once a year, we gather at our annual conference called RAGSfest in order to learn new techniques, to exchange fresh ideas and to inspire one another.

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Join our community

If you own a storefront Art Glass Shop who sells retail art glass and supplies to the public, joining R.A.G.S. is the best thing you can do for your customers and your business.



Members - join us for RAGSfest!  

An annual gathering of Art Glass Retailers for education, inspiration, and recreation - an exclusive benefit for RAGS members only.

RAGSFest 2022 registration opens soon! 

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Find a Store

 RAGS member stores will carefully choose the right glass and supplies for your project and some stores may even ship your order to your doorstep. Use our Store Locator to find a member store! 


Rainbow Artistic Stained Glass

Omaha, Nebraska

Every stained glass retailer should make membership in RAGS a must-do; it doesn't cost as much as a session with the shrink, and it keeps you a lot saner.

Sundancer Stained Glass

Saco, Maine

I don't know where my business would be if it wasn't for the suggestions, advice and comments from the RAGS members.


Art Glass Connection

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Of all the annual fees my business is required to pay, the RAGS membership fee is, by far, the most valuable and worthwhile. And the daily Discussion Board and exchange of information is PRICELESS!



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