Stretch Bowls with Zoi Sandy
  • Stretch Bowls with Zoi Sandy

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    Date: Thursday, August 4, 9:00 - 12:00pm

    Location: Classroom 2


    This iteration of the stretch technique employs the use of puddles along with the stacks of glass that

    flow. The inclusion of puddles creates dramatic and vivd patterning in the glass flow for a huge WOW effect. Instructions will take you through the dam mold set up, glass configuration and 4 - 5 firing schedules for this project. Preparation for this class requires making puddles at home and bringing to

    RAGSfest to save time in class. The setup and firing schedules for puddles are below.

    As an added bonus, I will provide instructions and schedules for the basic stretch bowl class we call Go With the Flow.