Know your Kiln with Sharon Carothers
  • Know your Kiln with Sharon Carothers


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    Date: Tuesday, August 9th 9:00 - 12:00

    Location: Classroom 2


    As retailers of fusing glass, we often find that customer fears of equipment may prevent or delay the sale of a kiln. I remember clearly the first time I programmed a kiln, without any process or equipment experience.

    We all know that kilns sell glass! So, in my retailer days I developed a very popular lecture class that I titled “Understanding your Kiln”. It was advertised and offered once a month for a fee to the public and my existing customers. If a customer bought a kiln from me, the fee was waived as part of the purchase.


    There are a lot of unused kilns sitting idle in garages. This class outlines the considerations that a customer needs to successfully operate a kiln for glass fusing. It helps them decide what type of kiln is suitable for their needs. Setup, first use, necessary accessories and programming are discussed. RAGS members will be encouraged to modify the syllabus to meet their own needs and market area.