Dot Art on Glass (Part 2) with Sharon Carothers

Dot Art on Glass (Part 2) with Sharon Carothers


Class Information: Please note that you must register for the Dot Art Part I class offered in the AM to register for this class, as the teaching for this session assumes you've taken the morning session.


Date: Monday, August 8th 1:00 - 5:00

Location: Classroom 2

Dot Art on Glass (Session Two) (Morning Session Two)

Building upon the techniques that we learned in Session One using acrylics, we will move onto our favorite surface, glass.

We will use the tools from Session One, then start playing with glass enamels. Enamel brands are often interchangeable as regards techniques, so everyone should be able to use their favorite in their studio classes. First you will practice by creating a test strip of the enamel colors using the strokes you learned on both black and white. You will take this home for future reference. will learn how the paint moves on glass as opposed to paper! will experiment with viscosity, color choices and contrast. You will create dot art designs of your choice on a piece of white and a piece of clear. Various tricks will be tried on each. Options for various classes and projects will be shown and discussed.