Bubble Up and Drop with Brad Walker (8/3 - 8/5)
  • Bubble Up and Drop with Brad Walker (8/3 - 8/5)

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    Dates: Wednesday - Friday, 9:00 - 5:00

    Location: Classroom 3



     This workshop will combine two techniques: drop formed bowls and bubble up firing. 

    We’ll cover all the basics of making a drop formed vase, from creating the blank, to making the mold, to watching the drop, to coldworking, and more. You’ll have the option of dropping any distance from 5″ up to 10″. 

    In addition, we’ll learn about the bubble up, a technique that traps a grid of clear or colored areas between layers of glass. We’ll explore a number of different ways to control the bubble-up areas, including variations in size, spacing, and bubble patterns. You’ll have the option of creating a dropped vase from your bubble up piece or creating a fused bowl or platter. 

    Familiarity with glass cutting and with basic fusing and slumping techniques is required


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