Beyond Strip Cutting-Filling the Void with Judy Shumway
  • Beyond Strip Cutting-Filling the Void with Judy Shumway

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    Date: Monday, September 23, 2019, 1:00 -4:00

    Location: Classroom 1


    In this class you will go beyond simple strip cutting and expand your artistry to a new level. You will still cut strips but leave an empty space which allows for the glass to flow and spread to fill the void.


    The strips will be cut to different sizes and configurations to fuse into the unique patterns which seem almost enchanting. However, the flow is quite predictable and can be actually planned into your design.


    In this 3 hr. class, you will cut glass to make 1-2 designs and we will talk about how to get the results you want. The glass will be fused flat and you will slump it at a later date.


    Students should bring: basic glass cutting tools, notebook and pen.



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