Advanced Bowls  and More by Patty Gray
  • Advanced Bowls and More by Patty Gray

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    Class Schedule for this offering (please note there is an additional offering of this course on Wednesday,   September 18th)


    Part I: Friday Spetember 20, 9:00 - 5:00

    Part II: Sunday, September 22, 9:00 - Noon

    Location: Classroom 2


    By exploring the fundamental principles of design and new techniques, each student will transform his/her vision into a rich composition. We will excite your imagination with ideas, demonstrations and information on various fusing and kiln forming techniques that can be applied to your individual projects.


    We will be using my new dam molds with most of the projects.

    These are some of the projects planned in these one and 1/2-day classes:

    10” Round Bowl

    8”x10” Panel

    5”x12 ½” Panel

    8” Round or 8”x 8” Mosaic Piece

    Individual Combings if possible


    We will be working with sheet glass, glass powders/frit, silver foil, copper foil, No Days Powder Wafers, micas, Glassline Paints, Dichroic glass, and more.


    Some projects may be switched around. Time and kilns may determine projects) as well.


    Day 1

    • Demos will take most of the morning. Many samples of techniques will be on display.
    • Design and put together your 10” bowl built in mold (glass 10 ¼” round)
    • Design and put together 8”x10” panel built in mold (glass 7 7/8” x 9 7/8”)
    • Discussion/Questions
    • Clean-up


    Day 2 (half day)

    • Design mosaic in 8”x8” mold or 8” round mold (glass 7 7/8”x7 7/8” or 7 7/8” round)
    • Design panel in 5” x 12 ½” mold (4 7/8”x 12 3/8”)
    • Discussion/Questions/Clean-up


    Noets: Students must bring: basic glass cutting tools, notebook & pen, mask for working with powders, mosaic nippers.


    Instructor Bio can be found on the Bio page