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7/17 & 7/18, Batik

7/17 & 7/18, Batik


Class Information: 



Part 1:

Mon 7/17, 9am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-5pm 

Part 2:

Tues 7/18, 1:30pm-5pm


Location:  The Venue, Room B

Instructor:  Joyce Sullivan


Batik is huge, in part because there are a lot of Batik Techniques--the only constant is that they are all done with powders.  I’ve learned these skills from Paul Tarlow’s book, Lena Beckéus’ first book, Brad Walker in person and Sarinda Jones on Curious Mondo.  I’ve had fun learning them.  I know that you will too.


In this class, we’ll start with the basics and then introduce techniques that use a huge variety of tools from cookie cutters to water.  By the time you’ve finished the first half day, you’ll be eager to try out something that you’ve envisioned on your own.


Rather than spend our class time creating one or two finished projects, we’ll spend the time creating a number of 5.5” square samples.  You’ll leave with a stack of samples and detailed notes on how each style was achieved.  When you return to your store, you’ll be ready to teach a “Master Class”.


Please bring an N95 mask, and X-Acto knife handle, breaker & groziers pliers.

All other supplies are included in the cost of the class.


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