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7/15 & 7/16, The Art of Thin Fusing

7/15 & 7/16, The Art of Thin Fusing


Class Information: 



Part 1:

Sat 7/15 from 9am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-5pm

Part 2:

Sun, 7/16 from 9am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-5pm


Location: Studio Classroom at The Glass Garden

Instructor:  Tom Sourlis


Pioneers in the art of "thin fusing," Tom Sourlis of Sourlis Glass Studio is known for his gossamery sculptural pieces. They’re intricate fused glass figures that call attention to the delicate nature of glass, pushing the boundaries of traditional glass fusing. From lampshades to abstract fused panels, Sourlis Glass Studios works their gauze-like glass into ethereal forms that seem to defy the possibilities of fusible glass.

In this 2-day class, Tom Sourlis will teach students to create thin tiny components of a floral or reef motif using powders and frit.  Working on a 10” surface, each student will fashion their elements and have the opportunity to complete 4 firings during class.

Students need to bring the following: frit sifters-the smallest and the largest sizes, plastic spoons, wooden skewers, various brushes-fan tip and small brushes; additional items you use to manipulate frit.

All other supplies are included ifor use in the class.

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