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7/12 & 7/13, Kiln Casting
  • 7/12 & 7/13, Kiln Casting


    Class Information: 



    Part 1:

    Wed 7/12 from 9am-12:30pm  and 1:30pm-5pm

    Part 2:

    Thurs 7/13 from 9am-12:30pm  and 1:30pm-5pm


    Location:  The Venue, Room B

    Instructor:  Robin Kittleson


    Kiln casting is a fun and easy way to introduce sculptural work into your warm glass studio. Open face casting does not require a great deal of space or additional equipment, and expendable materials are inexpensive, making this process a great addition to any teaching facility. Projects can range from the simple for those new to glass to the complex, perfect for students looking for a new challenge.  

    In this class, students will explore numerous ways to create positives of your art from the one-off to the easily repeatable using clay, linoleum blocks, found objects, and fabric. Selecting and preparing objects for investing will be covered in detail. Once the artwork is prepared, we'll create molds by pouring and hand building while discussing which is best suited for the particular object. Several different investment materials will be used and the pros and cons of each will be addressed. 


    Finally, we will look at how to select and calculate the quantity of glass needed to achieve a variety of effects in the final piece. Billet, sheet glass, frit and frit tinting will be looked at. One mold will be loaded with glass and fired at the end of day one.


    Technical details, firing considerations, cold working, and finishing options will be covered with detailed handouts provided.


    Please bring: N95 mask, disposable gloves, exacto knife with new blades, and a metal ruler.

    All other supplies are included for use of the class and assorted diamond hand pads.

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