stained glass

Museum of Art Christmas Tree by Vitrocolor S.A. in San José, Costa Rica

Art Glass Christmas Tree Installation in Costa Rica by Vitrocolor S.A. Our RAGS member in San José just completed this installation at the Art Museum and sent us these images. (Additional images are located in the Image Gallery.)

The tree is 18 ft high and 10 ft wide and is set up in the lobby of the Museum of Costa Rican Contemporary Art from Dec 1, 2010 to Feb 7, 2011.

The project occupied about 2,000 man hours, about 80 kiln firings (in our large kilns), 1000 feet of 30 lb fishing line. It is hanging from a 5/8" plexiglass hexagon which is tied to a 3/8" steel cable and is hoisted with a boat trailer winch.

It is formed by over 700 fused glass snowflakes based on the findings of Japanese scientist/investigator Masaru Emoto who has written several books about ice crystals. The project is free hanging and moves with the breeze producing bell like sounds.

At the museum they estimated its minimum sale price at US$25.000.

Jaime and Celita de Cabezas
Vitrocolor S.A.
San José, Costa Rica